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Signs of What's to Come

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Lake Mead provides water to approximately 40 million people across seven states and Northern Mexico. Hoover Dam, in the lower left of the pictures, generates on average 4 billion kilowatts that serve 1.3 million people with clean hydroelectric power in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Recent reports by the Bureau of Reclamation that manages this resource said the reservoir is at 35% capacity and expected to go lower.

The first picture is from August 2021 and the one below is from August 2000. It's easy to see the drastic drop in water. Consequently water allocations for people and agriculture have been announced for 2022. These include 5% less water for Mexico, 7% less for Nevada, and 8% for Arizona.

As for Hoover Dam, in July of 2000 the water level at the dam was nearly 1200 feet. In July of 2021 it was 1067 a drop of 25% of electrical generation according to the Bureau of Reclamation. Water levels below 950 feet would possibly electrical generation under current conditions.

All this are concrete signs that significant changes are quickly coming to us. There are a number of innovative technologies being developed on a feasibility basis to generate energy that does not emit greenhouse gases. More on these in upcoming bogs.

Source: Lake Mead Drops to Record Low, by Michael Carlowicz and Kathryn Hansen in earth

Lake Mead. August 2021

Lake Mead July 2000

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